The Kahook Dual Blade® Treatment for Glaucoma

Are you looking for an innovative, safe, and effective glaucoma treatment? Dr. Michael Ahdoot at Progressive Ophthalmology in Sunnyside, Queens, New York uses the Kahook Dual Blade® technology for a refined glaucoma treatment.

The Kahook Dual Blade® is a quick and painless outpatient procedure usually performed at the time of cataract surgery. It doesn’t require sutures, and it carries no risk of bleb leaks or infections. Not to mention, the postoperative visual recovery is quicker than most other glaucoma treatments.

​​​​​​​The Kahook Dual Blade® (KDB) technology allows Dr. Ahdoot to treat your glaucoma by making precise incisions. The KDB device is specifically designed to produce targeted and fine tuned parallel incisions in the eye's trabecular meshwork tissue for a quick and effective glaucoma treatment.

Treat Your Glaucoma Before It’s Too Late

the Kahook Dual Blade

As an advanced eye disease, glaucoma can cause significant damage to your eyesight. When left untreated, glaucoma can lead to blindness. There are several kinds of glaucoma. The most common type of glaucoma, “open-angle glaucoma,” is caused by pressure buildup in the eye (high IOP).

High IOP (or high intraocular pressure) damages the optic nerve, causing a loss of vision. When excessive intraocular pressure is left untreated, it leads to vision loss and eventual blindness. There is currently no cure for glaucoma. Fortunately, there are a variety of medical and surgical treatment methods for controlling glaucoma and preserving eyesight.

In a normal and healthy eye, fluid moves through the “trabecular meshwork,” a pathway that eventually travels out of the eye and into the bloodstream. For patients with open-angle glaucoma, fluid does not drain efficiently from the eye, causing pressure to build up to dangerous levels (high IOP).

Dangerously high IOP leads to optic nerve damage, which can cause irreversible vision loss. Vision loss begins with peripheral vision, where you’re least likely to realize it. Glaucoma is often referred to as the "silent thief of sight,” due to the fact that when one finally realizes vision loss is associated with glaucoma, the disease has already progressed to an advanced level.

The best way to prevent glaucoma is by getting regular eye exams at our Ophthalmologist’s office, especially if you have family members with glaucoma. During your eye examinations, Dr. Michael Ahdoot assesses your unique eye health to determine your risk for glaucoma. In the event that you are diagnosed with glaucoma, we will develop a treatment strategy to preserve your vision. Glaucoma treatment should be performed as soon as possible to avoid further loss of vision.

What is the Kahook Dual Blade® Procedure?

The Kahook Dual Blade® is an innovatively designed, single-use, ophthalmic blade that allows Dr. Ahdoot to release intraocular pressure by making parallel incisions in the trabecular meshwork and the wall of the Canal of Schlemm.

The Kahook Dual Blade® is micro-engineered, so it can be inserted in the eye through a clear cornea micro incision. The KDB is made from surgical grade stainless steel and consists of multiple components:

  • Shaft design. The long, thin shaft design allows us to access the anterior chamber.
  • Sharp, pointed tip. The sharp tip is used to pierce the trabecular meshwork under gonioscopic view.
  • Ramp technology. The ramp stretches and lifts the eye tissue as the device is positioned
  • Dual blades. The two blades are created with laser cutting technology for simultaneous incisions into the treated tissue.
  • Foot plate. The foot plate prevents damage in the anterior wall of the canal and creates a smooth motion.
​​​​​​​The KDB was specifically engineered to fit in the canal of Schlemm to help maintain natural physiological outflow pathways.
close up of KDP

Choose a Kahook Dual Blade® Certified Ophthalmologist

Dr. Michael Ahdoot stays on top of the most innovative and cutting-edge glaucoma treatments. With the Kahook Dual Blade® procedure, we can treat your glaucoma quickly, using minimally invasive techniques. At Progressive Ophthalmology, Dr. Michael Ahdoot is certified for the Kahook Dual Blade® procedure to help preserve and enhance your vision. Call us today to learn more about the Kahook Dual Blade treatment at 718-565-2020.